You can expect a bit of news about Techland's next-gen free-running open-world zombie title Dying Light to drop next week, if the game's official Facebook page is to be believed. Publisher Warner Bros. released a short teaser trailer Friday with the mysterious (or perhaps not so much) message "The outbreak will change everything," accompanying a scant few seconds of gameplay.

"Are you prepared?" the teaser asks. "Are you truly [emphasis added] prepared?"

Industry speculation points towards a Dying Light demo releasing on Feburary 11, though there's information pointing exactly to that in the teaser alone – though to be fair, the Facebook mentions a "day of trial".

A "day" (singular) of trial could also point to some kind of beta release to give players a taste of the multiplayer component in the game, though, again, nothing has been reported for sure. In any case, if you're a fan of Mirror's Edge-meets-Dead Island-meets-Far Cry type games, next week should herald good news.

Via Youtube