Dennis Rodman has always been a very bizarre + batshit crazy dude, but nothing was stranger than when he headed out to North Korea and became BFFs with dictator Kim Jong Un in the name of...well, "basketball and diplomacy." So, of course there's now going to be a film made about it. According to The Hollywood Reporter20th Century Fox will bring the story called Diplomats to the silver screen, with Tim Story (Ride Along) set to direct the movie, and Jonathan Abrams set to pen the script. 

This isn't the first movie that North Korean dicator Kim Jong Un has inspired (at least, in part): He was also the basis for Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg's upcoming film The Interview.

Watch Dennis Rodman sing "Happy Birthday" to Jong Un:

And watch Rodman drunkenly defend his dictator buddy on CNN too:

[via The Hollywood Reporter]