Capcom has released yet another new trailer for their upcoming free-to-play dungeon crawlerDeep Down, this time seemingly to coincide with the Japanese launch of the PS4. Their Sony-exclusive next-gen procedural RPG (the dungeons are randomly generated) continues to look like a visual stunner, not to mention a good excuse for the art team to wild with a bevy of Dark Souls-ish designs.

There's still a lot about the game that's unknown, maybe most importantly how its "free-to-play" aspect actually works – not to mention whether or not there will be any aboveground levels or even how long the campaign is supposed to last. In this new trailer there is what appears to be an armor suit that includes what looks like a 19th-century diving helmet, so the art certainly seems poised to stay consistently interesting.

Deep Down recently came under fire after a report from a translated developer interview alleged the game would have no playable female characters, which the game's producer clarified was because its narrative is focused on a single character. In any case, things are looking good – though given the number of trailers and gameplay bits shown off so far, you could probably make the case that Capcom's not showing much.

Deep Down has yet to receive a US release date.

[Via Youtube]