While the date March 11 may have been carved into our subconsciousness as the released date of the mech shooter Titanfall another huge game is also dropping that day. Dark Souls returns from the bottomless pit of despair you left your pride in to praise the sun once more and cut gamers down to size in the sequel Dark Souls 2.

The two previous releases for the series: Demon Souls and Dark Souls were sleeper hits that snickering gamers gave to their friends to drive them insane. With epically hard gamplay, completely unforgiving...everything, a continuous stream of impossibly hard bosses and a set of rules that couldn't be deciphered until they were broken, left gamers winging their controller and mashing their teeth at just how good yet painfully hard the game was to play.

Dark Souls 2 returns to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 as an apologetically difficult game, but this time developer From Software promises the story won't be so subtle, as in maybe giant monsters won't just keep appearing for seemingly no reason other than to make gamers lives a living hell of sleepless nights.

Another plus is if fans pre-order the game now they'll get a “real metal” case for the game. Which is really going to come in handy as you sling in around the room and crumble to the floor slamming your fist into your forehead screaming “WHY CAN'T I SUMMON?!?!.”

Such is life

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