Cosplay Boom is a new documentary series that follows the true story of cosplay by focusing on the talented people who become their favorite characters.

Cosplay Boom is seeking public support to get Season 1 underway as film makers – including long-time nerd news veteran Todd Kenreck (MSNBC, NBC, Kotaku, Penny Arcade) – need your help getting the funds together to travel to cosplay events around the world.

Season 1 will be a year-long documentary told in monthly episodes that aims to deliver a “unique and in-depth look at the fascinating, vibrant and beautiful new art form and community called cosplay.”

"As somebody whose media roots are primarily in the video games space, it will be interesting to delve into how games have impacted costume choices beyond just what looks cool,” said Todd Kenreck, Founder, Cosplay Boom. “With so many long standing franchises flush with lead character variants, was the deciding factor the quality of the game, the complexity of the outfit or even the character's personality? Cosplay Boom intends to answer these questions and more."

Check out video above and the Cosplay Boom Kickstarter to get a better look at the stories behind “what it means to be an artist, to express yourself, and to have the courage to be yourself.”

As well as monthly episodes, Cosplay Boom will also features daily video features of specific cosplayers, costumers or prop makers and give them a chance to tell their story.

If you want to get in on supporting a new series that supports artist behind the characters, check out Cosplay Boom homepage and on Kickerstarter.

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