Dude it attracts: The Haute Hunter
Most clutch feature: Machine gun package

Far from the debauchery and titty parades of most bachelor Babylons, Vail is an almost-quaint Colorado snow bunny paradise that serves up big ski drifts and some luxurious uber-masculine treats that will have your testosterone-flooded muscles lumberjacking and smacking some flannel-covered lady parts in no time.

At the Four Seasons, you can soak up some suds with the Brew and Renew package.  Whether a la carte or all together, you can get an Amber Ale Foot Soak made from the Crazy Mountain Brewery’s Amber Ale batch and crushed barley and malt foot scrub.  You can get an all-natural Black Ale Wrap with a midnight dark beer called Cara De Luna that is frothed into a honey base and then massaged into the hair if you don’t get their Stout Scalp Treatment. 

For a completely different form of manly relaxation, down the road at The Sebastian, there’s the Machine Guns and Roses package which includes a “Machine Gun Tour.” This tour includes a helicopter gunship ride, lessons on hardcore weapons, and “extra ammunition” for the “happy trigger finger.” Showing off your guns also includes two nights stay at the luxurious Sebastian, so dudes can warm up with some whiskey and a local honey with some firing range hot tub action.