Dude it attracts: The Chill Connoisseur
Most clutch feature: Private cigar tasting

Love your women brown, bubbly, full of rum, and willing to cut the tip of your cigar? Puerto Rico is an undercover gem when it comes to servicing the pleasures of the single man. Parties go until sunrise in San Juan. Club Kronos is near the Plaza del Mercado and infuses a lively outdoor dining and dancing experience with a naughty nightclub environment indoors. San Juan’s most star-studded dance club is the La Brava, which is attached to the El San Juan Hotel and Casino.

For a grand a night, you can go on the ultimate dudeventure with the “End of Man” package. Meant for bachelor’s about to get married and meet their doom, single dudes can take advantage of this pricey, but private experience.

The package includes a private cigar rolling class, a private Tequila tasting, and a private casino host. After so much high-end privacy and a few nights of drinking and dancing in the sun, hopefully those aren’t the only private things that will be happening.