Dude it attracts: The Tropical Tourist
Most clutch feature: Beaches and babes

There’s a reason the girl from Ipanema became so famous. The women in Rio are luscious and, even if you aren’t looking to hook up, there’s tons of eye candy peppering the sprawling beaches of Brazil. Most of them in various states of undress. Carnivale can bring swarms of beauties, but the vibe can get kind of seedy if you aren’t careful.

If a luxurious bachelor party is your thing, take your team to a place like the Fasano Hotel that has gorgeous pools overlooking the beaches. The Fasano also has the Baretto-Londra, which is considered to be the “best hotel bar in the world.” But in Brazil, the rule is to walk around the beaches and mingle with the locals until someone (and they will, trust me) invites you to a party.

If you get dissed for something minor like not knowing Portuguese, you and your boys can hit up funk dance clubs like Rei do Bacalhau and Ilha dos Pescadores.