Dude it attracts: The Dapper Daddy
Most clutch feature: The history

It’s groovy, baby. London might seem stodgy to uneducated outsiders, but the international hub has a history of being a swinging city, full of sexually-liberated mods and provocative punk rockers. The rich amalgamation of culture, history, decadence, refinement, and totally legal outdoor day drinking, makes London the perfect place for someone with a reputation they need to uphold (like a single dad) to go pretend they are checking out museums.

In reality, dudes can hit up some of the best nightclubs in the world like Ministry of Sound, which brings huge EDM names like Paul Oakenfeld and is a noted pick-up ground. British women might not be the best looking, but many different nationalities work and play in London. Besides, for a week-long romp, who needs a pretty face? The girls in England love to party, and if you’re not looking for a wife, no one will ever know she was a just a four.

Not into the nightclub scene? There’s lots of classy things you can do. Brown’s Hotel offers whisky tastings, a foodie adventure at Fat Duck and a members-only gaming club. Pony up to your pint, bring a smoking jacket, watch some footie and don’t forget your manners.