Dude it attracts: The Party Animal Perv
Most clutch feature: Erotic resorts

Spring break forever.  If you’re using your company-encouraged meditation courses to manifest a life reminiscent of Anne Rice’s Exit To Eden (or a Bang Bros. set), hit up Cancun. Surrounded by crystal clear Caribbean waters and ancient Aztec ruins, single dudes can hit up sex, errr, “adult” hotels that are peppered all throughout Cancun.

There’s Temptation Island, which includes 384-rooms of pure sex, although that could also translate to the topless optional beaches, swim up bar in three giant swimming pools, Jacuzzi suites for holing up with that mamacita you fondled sweetly during the “sensual entertainment.” There’s also the “naturally sensual “ Desire Resort in the Mayan Riviera that has erotic workshops like Tantra and erotic couples massage and the “au natural” Hidden Beach Resort.

Hidden Beach Resort is an all-inclusive nudist resort that caters to both couples and singles and is perfect for a raunchy single dude to appreciate the quirks and curves of the female form. Just don’t be too much of a creep and keep the camera at home. This trip is one for the imagination. And, if you’re lucky, a few steamy nights in a beach-side hammock.