Last Spring, the Republican National Committee announced that it would be spending $10 million to bolster its minority outreach efforts. Of course, Republicans have spent far greater resources and time trying to suppress minority voters, but maybe this chump change is to secure at least five and a half of the 12 black voters they want in the voting pool.

In any event, part of their "outreach efforts" include doing events with Traci Braxton (the Braxton sister Toni, Tamar & the other two left behind in "Murrlyn"). As of now, it's the social media shout outs the GOP Twitter account has aimed in the direction of "the Blacks" that's generated the most attention—and not for reasons RNC chairman Reince Priebus would like. In January, @GOP declared racism to be over, and this month, the party that pacifies the racist fringe sect of the country wanted to "honor" Black History Month—including the scant amount of black Republicans. Not surprisingly, people of all colors united to slam the GOP for their sadly ironic tweets.

Here's a look at some of the funniest responses thus far. GOP, I know you're going to dust yourself off and try again, but please take heed to this post. We see through y'all.