About two weeks after a renegade sign honoring Big Pun appeared in the Bronx, the city has finally taken ot down. 

Shane Rossi, a real estate agent in the Bronx, paid $35 to have a replica sign built, then placed it on the corner of 163rd Street and Rogers Place in Longwood. Rossi, 27, said he took matters into his own hands because Community Board 2 in the Bronx kept rejecting petitions organized by Pun's sister, Nicole Rodriguez, to dedicate the corner in honor of the rapper. 

"We heard her request and had a public hearing on it," CB2 District Manager Rafael Salamanca told the Daily News. "The residents of Rogers Place came out against the sign."

Echoing the beliefs of LeRoy McCarthy, who's started petitions to have Notorious B.I.G. and the Beastie Boys honored by street co-namings in Brooklyn and the Lower East Side, respectively, Rossi feels as though rappers like Pun deserve more credit from the city. 

"I think that he did more than people give him credit for," he explained to the Daily News. "I just want [the city] to know that there is still interest and people haven’t forgotten."

Though the City Department of Transportation will gladly make a novelty sign for you, they advise that it's illegal to install them on the street. Rossi, who insists that his actions weren't "a jab at the right way of doing things" still believes that Pun deserves the honor. 

He's not alone.

[via New York Daily News]

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