Authorities in Arizona say a woman threw a nude tantrum after her boyfriend refused to have sex with her. 

According to the Smoking Gun, Ashley Prenovost was rather intoxicated when her boyfriend returned to their Glendale home on Monday. Seeking intimacy, Prenovost, 24, removed her clothing and attempted to engage him. When he refused, she became uniquely irate, reportedly punching two holes in their bedroom wall and a glass picture, shattering the latter and injuring herself in the process. 

Prenovost allegedly tracked blood all over the couple's home, then attempted to escape through the garage—while still naked—when police arrived. She was arrested and charged with assault, criminal damage and disorderly conduct.

The Smoking Gun adds that she also faces child abuse charges because she was holding the couple's four-month-old daughter during the episode, and, somehow, the little girl's head hit a bedroom dresser. She'll make her next court appearance on Feb. 24.

[via The Smoking Gun]