The tech giant Apple Inc. is all about expanding their horizons, and it could be better for customers.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple has taken the steps to build a greater network of Internet infrastructure that's capable of delivering large amounts of content to customers. Their recent pursuits have created a buzz of curiosity and excitement surrounding what's next for the future of Apple, and it's not just an iPhone with an "S" behind it. 

Apple's CEO Tim Cook said the company would break into new product categories this year. As a result of their lofty goals, the company has taken all of the necessary steps to lay a strong foundation to this project and brought in experts in all of the appropriate fields.

Bill Norton, Chief Strategy Officer for International Internet Exchange told WSJ that Apple bought enough bandwidth from web carriers to move an estimated "hundreds of gigabits of data each second." They’ve also hired experts such as Lauren Provo, an executive from Compast Corp., and former VP of Technology Development at CableLabs, Jean-Francois Mule, to help lead operations. Provo’s experience with Internet service networks and Mule’s television expertise will be instrumental to the development of Apple’s network.

After the release of iCloud in 2011 and delivering more content through iTunes and the App Store—which has brought in $16 billion in revenue last year—Apple is clearly on a path to becoming more reliant on their own networks and finding a way to have more control over the quality of the data they distribute is key.

"It’s a natural progression for a company like Apple," says Aaron Blazar, vice president at Telecom Consultancy Atlantic-ACM. "It can take several years.”

It will be interesting to see who else Apple brings in for help and how much further they'll take their already powerful empire. Unless Samsung beats them at this, too

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