Some celebrity feuds just make sense: ex-lovers, industry competitors, and frenemies, are the sort of famous folk we expect to have beef. Sometimes, celebrities clash because their respective positions in culture, and their philosophies, simply don't mesh (as was the case with Kim Kardashian and John Hamm.) Then there are celebs like Chris Brown and Perez Hilton who draw Twitter heat like a flame attracts moths.

Our favorite celebrity Twitter beefs are the ones that make no sense. Some of Twitter's best moments are when celebrities, who you'd never expect to have any contact with each other, get into a fight seemingly out of nowhere—and sometimes, it's easy to tell which celeb doesn’t even know what they’re fighting about. If nothing else, Twitter has given us the gift of random celebrity feuds. These are a few of our absolute favorites. Here are The 10 Weirdest Celebrity Twitter Beefs So Far.

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