Batten down the hatches and hoist the Jolly Roger, it's time for a pirate fashion showdown. [Ed. Note—Did that make any sense? Are there any sailors reading this right now?] Last night, Black Sails premiered on Starz, introducing us to one of the sexiest television casts this side of Westeros. Despite how captivating Jessica Parker Kennedy was, Black Sails has some big boots to fill in the pirate genre. It's no secret that the definitive cinematic portrayal of pirates is Muppet Treasure Island (with apologies and much respect to Hook).

Given this, it seems like the best way to welcome Black Sails into the swashbuckling game is to see how the fashions on the Starz drama stacks up against the gear worn by Kermit and company back in the day.

Let's compared tri-corner hats, bandanas, and the eye patches of both films with one question in mind: Who Wore It Better? Black Sails or Muppet Treasure Island.

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