Nintendo has no shortage of die hard fans who believe so strongly in the church of Mario and Metroid, that the company can do no wrong.

Well, it seems the Japanese brand may be cultivating an entirely new breed of fan. According to a report from the Belgian Early Warning System on Drugs, a new designer drug bearing the company's iconic logo has been making the rounds in the European club scene. According to the report, the Nintendo pills contain a heroic amount of MDMA. Here are what the pills look like up close:

Stamping ecstasy tablets with pop culture iconography is nothing new. Dealers and producers have been doing it for decades as a way to brand their product. It's also an incredibly easy way to speak in relatively coded terms about which pills might be particularly potent, dirty, etc.

"You try those Autobots?"

"Those Decepticons were the truth."

There haven't been any domestic reports of the 'Nintendos' hitting US shores, but we're just going to assume that will be remedied shortly. If this is any sort of precursor for a wave of video game themed designer drugs making an entry into the larger, global drug culture, expect more posts like this.

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via KotakuNeoGAF]