"Veronica Mars" to Get Web Series Spinoff After Movie Release

"Veronica Mars" to Get Web Series Spinoff After Movie ReleaseImage via Warner Bros.

Good news for Veronica Mars fans: It looks like after the movie is released this coming March, we'll still have more Veronica Mars to look forward to in the future. According to Indiewire, the CW announced plans to produce a Veronica Mars spinoff web series after the movie is released, with series creator Rob Thomas overseeing the project.

As for what the spinoff will entail—that has not yet been revealed, but the project will span about six to eight episodes, each five to 10 minutes in length. According to network chief Mark Pedowitz: "[Rob Thomas] talked a little bit but it wasn't locked in; he talked about potential people who could be involved, but he didn't commit to anybody."

The Veronica Mars movie will hit theaters on March 14. 

[via Indiewire]

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