Last night, at approximately 8:30 p.m. EST, Community said goodbye to Troy Barnes (Donald Glover). Barnes was a good man-boy, a loyal friend, and a secret lover. He leaves behind a shattered socially awkward computer freak roommate, a study group of non-starters, and a handshake that'll be imitated by nerds forever and ever.

Barnes didn't go without a fight. More specifically, Abed's school-wide Lava World war that turned the cast into Waterworld/Game of Thrones hybrid. (If you want to play, the objective is to move around without touching the floor. The last man standing wins. It's kinda fun, actually.)

But the game had to end. And when it came down to Barnes and his BFF Abed, the latter let go, sacrificing himself to the lava so that Troy could be free to be his own man. And be his own man, he shall. Now Troy Barnes is off (with co-captain Levar Burton), hitting the seven seas to make good on his promise to Pierce to sail the world on his boat, aptly named Childish Tycoon. No, the irony is not lost on us.

If you're feeling Abed-like withdrawal, too, you're not alone. Join our support group and get through the five stages of grief, in Troy Barnes GIFs. We're not taunting you, we swear.

Stage One: Denial

One thing life has taught us is to ignore all our problems and feelings until they manifest into something sinister and dangerous. That or, everything will work itself out, damn it! Troy's not leaving. He can't sail for shit. It's gotta be a joke! Haha, good one. We're not worried.

Stage Two: Anger

God, it's real and this is happening. We're not angry, you stupid piece of—

Stage Three: Bargaining

Sorry, if we're nice, can Troy please sail back, like, now? What about if we give you our first born? Heck, we'll throw in the second born, too. Two for the price of one!

Stage Four: Depression

Brb. Googling how to tie a noose. 

Stage Five: Acceptance

You know what, it's going to be fine. That's not even the Xanax talking. We still have Childish Gambino

[GIFs via WiffleGIFs, ChildishChildishGambino, F-March-Madness, Irresistible Calamidad]

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