Turns You Into: Propeller Mario
First Appearance: New Super Mario Bros. Wii
System: Wii
Date: 2009
Frequency: Common

Mario and co-op multiplayer were a wonderful mix. New Super Mario Bros. Wii allowed four players to play on the same screen at the same time, increasing the mayhem while quadrupling the fun. New Super Mario Bros. Wii also welcomed back the seven Koopa Kids - Bowser Jr. always felt like a poor substitute for Wendy, Morton, Lemmy, and the rest of the gang. The Propeller Mushroom was the most powerful powerup - with a shake of the Wiimote, a player could fly to the nooks and crannies of the screen. It was damn near essential to conquer Bowser- a player needed all the help he could get during the final lava chase scene, where every misstep could burn Mario to a crisp.