The Simpsons are America’s longest running sitcom and animated program, and during their 25 seasons, they’ve always delivered subtle cultural gems worthy of high praise. They continued that trend yesterday during their “Specs and the City” episode as the citizens of Springfield put Google Glass into perspective.

In the episode, everyone working at the Springfield Power Plant is given a Christmas gift from Mr. Burns: a pair of “Oogle Goggles," glasses that allow the user to see information about the people and things they’re around. On the flip side, they also allow Mr. Burns to spy on his employees as a ploy to stop theft in the plant. Regardless of his boss’ ulterior motive, Homer takes a liking to the glasses. As the plot professes, the show pokes fun at Oogle Goggles (and Google Glass) and how in spite of its technological appeal, it separates users from the real world. In one scene, Homer is in bed watching a video of people wearing Oogle Goggles, calling them “jerks” who are “not paying attention to the world around them.” Then, Homer proceeds to take a bite out of his alarm clock instead of his sandwich.

The episode seems to pinpoint the importance of knowing each other instead of simply knowing things. Thanks to Oogle Goggles, Homer has the information to explain everything that’s happening in the world, but he can’t stop his kids from arguing in the backseat of the car by defining the rearview mirror and explaining its importance. And he then finds out secrets about Marge that he rather wouldn’t have if he didn’t have the glasses, upsetting him in the process.

In short, Oogle Goggles—and Google Glass—are great, but how we interact with one another still dictates everything. Because there’s more to people than what these glasses “show” us.

Check out the video above if you have Hulu+.

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