Remember Tecmo's Deception series? No? Well, picture a Japanese strategy game of sorts, only instead of moving players around a battlefield to victory, you strategically placed horrific traps to maim hapless victims in a dungeon. Yes, it was weird – but learning how each trap would affect its target and thereby learning to chain them together proved quite fun, at least if you had a penchant for violence. 

Though the last entry in the series came in the form of 2005's Trapt for the PS2, Tecmo-Koei has decided 2014 is the time to unlease Deception IV upon an audience that's probably a bit more used to the idea of such bizarre niche genre efforts. The game hits Vita and PS3 later this year, and from the looks of it it looks every bit as devious (and perhaps as ps one low-grade, for what it's worth) as the originals were. Only this time all the characters appear to be demon-spawn scantily-clad anime girls. Enjoy.

Via Youtube