Surgeon Simulator 2013, the intentionally unwieldy and graceless malpractice simulator, is expanding to the world of dentistry. As if you didn't need anymore nightmares about that upcoming root canal. Make sure to not eat an hour before or after watching this sneak peak.

The original Surgeon Simulator 2013 manages to make horrible, literally gut wrenching malpractice the realm of fun and excitement. Developer Bossa Studios makes it nearly impossible, with incredibility difficult to master controls, to complete an operation without unceremoniously disemboweling your patient. Hope you got insurance, oops make that life insurance.

While there is little gameplay footage in the clip above it clearly shows a sedated patient getting the tried and true Surgeon Simulator malpractice seal of approval. So far it appears that this dentist release is coming to iOS for negligence on the go, hopefully that means the rest of the game will to.

Can't get enough blood-soaked incompetence? Check out this video of Surgeon Simulator 2013 through the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset, its like being inside the malpractice!

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[Via Joystiq]