Something good came out of New York State Assemblyman Steve Katz being arrested for marijuana possession last March, aside from the comeuppance that accompanies exposed hypocrisy. Katz is no longer a closeted marijuana supporter, and his open love of weed has made him a pot tourist. Yes, he's one of the people who visited Colorado in the wake of legalization. 

Katz reportedly visited Colorado earlier this week to learn about the new, extremely popular industry, but not to indulge (so he says). His takeaway? That there's a lot of money to be made, and that New York should probably get on board. 

"Extrapolate [the $5 million made during the first week of legalization] to New York, where we are so starving for revenue," he told the Journal News. "It could be a real revenue generator for our state. How do you turn that away right now, when every single indicator shows that medical marijuana has compounds that absolutely can help people?"

Two more good things that weed can do: Open eyes and make people believers.

[via Gothamist and Journal News]

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