The quickest way to endear yourself to your server is to tip well. However, tipping in meth is not considered tipping well. 

After enjoying a meal at the Twisted Fish Steakhouse in Oregon last Thursday, 40-year-old Ryan Bensen and 37-year-old Erica Manley paid with a gift card, then decided to leave their waitress with a little kick as a token of their appreciation. An envelope full of crystal meth will surprise even the most seasoned service industry workers.

"We're not a little dive bar or hole in the wall. We're a classy place," the Twisted Fish manager told the Oregonian. The waitress called 911 with the quickness. Apparently, she was offended that Bensen and Manley pegged her for a meth user. Maybe if they slipped her some of Oregon's finest cocaine, this story wouldn't have gone public.

By the time authorities arrived, Bensen and Manley were still at the restaurant. Police discovered an additional 17 ounces of meth in Manley's purse following their arrest. After obtaining a search warrant, Seaside Police discovered that they had been running a meth lab from their room at the Holiday Inn. 

Both were charged with possessing and manufacturing methamphetamine. They'll never be welcome at classy steakhouses again. 

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