The results of a recent poll by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal reveal what most people know and have been screaming for a while now: The majority of Americans are in favor of letting licensed businesses sell marijuana:

The poll found that 55% said they favor allowing regulated businesses to sell marijuana, with nearly a quarter saying they actively support the measure. Another quarter said they oppose the measure but have not actively worked to have it overturned, and about one in five said they actively oppose it.

Unsurprisingly, young people exhibited strong support for legalization, with nearly 75 percent of the 18-34 demographic saying they approve of legal weed sales. Just over 50 percent of the 35-49 demo said they would support them, along with 49 percent of people ages 50-64. Thirty-eight percent of respondents over the age of 65 were in favor. 

States including New York and Pennsylvania are considering new legislature for legalization, and the two teams competing in Super Bowl XLVlll this Sunday—the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks—represent cities in states where the sale of marijuana has been legalized for recreational purposes.

The stars have aligned to deliver a message: Legalize it.

[via Wall Street Journal]

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