John Rambo. He's a roid-rage spirit animal sent from corn-fed America to sidekick the heads off enemies of freedom. While this new game staring the blackest of musclebound sheep probably isn't going to win game of the year, it will let you take that majestic mullet and red tactical bandana out for a spin.

The new trailer for the forthcoming on-rails shooter Rambo: The Video Game endeavors to take players through the bloody highlights of the first three films and – of course – sate the earth's desire for arterial blood. With an official license that means music, voice acting and sound straight out of the movies.

Rambo: The Video Game has been the brunt of many jokes over the years, releasing some bizarre screenshots of John Rambo all greased up and roided out looking longingly into the virtual camera. This new trailer though shows off the meat-and mayhem potatoes of blowing crap up and making fully-formed adult humans into exploding red bags of goo.

Rambo was announced way back in 2011 and has gone through several different forms. From an triple-A title to a budget one. Hopefully it'll be a squishy-fun mess. In the words of John Rambo “Sir, do we get to win this time?”

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[Via Eurogamer]