Guess what every man obviously wants to eat on Valentine's Day? Pizza. Demeter seems to have picked up on this and created a pizza perfume that the New York Daily News claims has "a strong scent of dough mixed with notes of tomato sauce, mozzarella and oregano." Ladies, take heed. 

Still, CEO Mark Crames remains apprehensive about the roll-out, fearful that his company might have created an undesirable scent. "This is an experiment," he told the Daily News. "We’ll find out if we’re crazy or [it] makes sense." To borrow a line abused by rappers and self-proclaimed clever people for years (apologies in advance), if it makes dollars, it makes sense. Hell, Pizza Hut tried it last year.

Luckily, the odor isn't overwhelming: "After a few minutes, it mellows into the soft scent of cold, leftover pizza, which, of course, drives a partner wild." Smell like leftovers; get devoured. It all makes sense.

[via New York Daily News]