First, teenagers fled Facebook, and now it looks like retailers could be following suit. According to new research published by social marketing and analytics research firm 8thBridge, Pinterest's "Pin it" button is considered more valuable than Facebook's "Like" button by online retailers.

The report, which pulled data from 872 e-commerce sites over a period of four months last year, found that 59 percent of product pages feature Facebook 'Like' buttons, whereas 62 percent of them carry Pinterest buttons, suggesting the network is considered to be a more desirable use of marketing efforts. Despite the increase in Pinterest adoption, 8thBridge's research revealed that Facebook is in fact responsible for more outbound traffic.

"Although companies have embraced social discovery via Pinterest, the upstream traffic to their sites from Pinterest is still underwhelming, averaging 0.1 percent of their total traffic and twenty two times less than Facebook," 8thBridge fin

[via CNET]