A couple who allegedly stole a woman’s smartphone during a fall street fair in Brooklyn took x-rated selfies of themselves, and recorded pornographic videos onto the victim’s device. Whether they know it or not, the images are being uploaded to the original owner's Dropbox account. And now, the woman wants the perpetrators reprimanded.

Victoria Brodsky, 39, of Brooklyn N.Y., and her friends were at a fair on Brighton Beach Ave this past August. She was pushing a baby stroller through a large crowd of people and after clearing the chaos, she realized that her Galaxy S3 smartphone and wallet were missing. She quickly contacted the authorities, who determined that she wasn’t victim of a crime because Brodsky simply misplaced her phone—which she later disputed.

About a week following the incident, random pictures of the thieves started appearing in Brodsky’s Dropbox account, which she has automatically linked to her phone. The first batch of photos were fairly innocent with the couple stargazing awkwardly into the camera. But each picture got racier as the day progressed and by night’s end, there was a half-hearted awkward sex scene sitting in her account.
Brodsky has noticed that the thieves have taken great pleasure in taking these pictures.

“It’s one thing to steal, but they’re celebrating,” she told NY Daily News. “Sex looks very boring in their house.”

There has been no report as to whether the thieves have been caught yet. It's important to note that months have passed since the incident, so it's possible that this couple simply bought the phone from the person who originally stole it. Either way, don't get freaky like that with technology. It will probably bite you right in your bare ass.

[via NY Daily News]