What if you had a parent that was secretly a tentacled sea creature living incognito in the human world? That's the basic premise for Octodad: Dadliest Catch, the goofy-as-heck adventure game from Chicago indie outfit Young Horses. As if the idea wasn't goofy enough, Octodad's gameplay involves not blowing your cover as a a secret octopus, which in turn involves QWOP-esque control of each of your autonomous limbs, making even the most everyday of activities, like making coffee or mowing the lawn, pretty ridiculous.

Then again, this is a game about a cephalopod in a blue business suit, so ridiculousness is expected. And as you can tell from the trailer, that's pretty great. Dig that groovy theme song!

Anyway, Octodad hits Steam January 30, with a PS4 release following sometime in the near future.

Via Youtube