You're in the Bahamas with your significant other, and you upload a selfie of the both of you to your Facebook account. As you successfully make your co-workers and high school friends jealous of how happy you may be, you also made a group of other folks happy as well: the NSA.

Documents from Edward Snowden, which were shared with the NY Times, the Guardian, and ProPublica, show that the agency—along with the Britain Government Communications Headquarters—have developed ways to gain access into leaky mobile apps that can put address books, buddy lists, phone logs, political information and gender data, all in the NSA's hands. In a NSA presentation from 2010, the agency called a person uploading a picture to social media their "Golden Nugget." 

As one slide proudly states, "if it's on the phone, we can get it." Check out the rest of the presentation here and the full report from the NY Times

[via NY Times]