Following the announcement that they were slashing sales projections for the Wii U from 9 to 2.8 million units sold for the fiscal year, many are asking whether or not Nintendo has become out of touch with the rest of the industry.

President Satoru Iwata took a tentative big first step at an unscheduled press conference in Osaka Friday, when he admitted that the company needed to change and they will be evaluating business options at the end of the month, though some feel it may not be enough. A new Forbes editorial argues that Nintendo isn't just out of touch, but dangerously so – given the litany of bad business decisions made regarding the Wii U, it certainly raises the question of how badly they might predict their next major decision.

"They stubbornly believe the way forward is constantly the same path it’s always been," the editorial states. In the face of the facts, it's hard to say otherwise; the piece also argues that the company had a year head-start on its competition, which should have meant the question should have been "what do Sony and Microsoft have to do to convince gamers to buy a PS4 and Xbox One since they already have a Wii U?" rather than the other way around.

For players and those otherwise interested in the business end of the industry, it's effective food for thought. While Nintendo isn't down for the count yet, one might easily wonder if they can really right such a culture of hard-headed traditionalism and make the necessary moves to become a leaner, more savvy Nintendo – whatever that may be. Read the full piece via the link below.

Via Forbes