The frigid weather that the polar vortex brought warmed of the hearts of New Yorkers, who tipped much better during the unbearable cold.

According to the New Yorker, food-ordering company GrubHub Seamless reported that customers were more generous with tips during the polar vortex, in addition to:

GrubHub Seamless compared tipping (by credit card on Seamless and GrubHub, and using PayPal on GrubHub) during the recent polar vortex to other weekdays since December 1st. The 10037 Zip Code—a corner of East Harlem—saw the greatest increase in tipping: twenty-four per cent on January 7th, when the day’s low hit a frigid four degrees. The second-greatest increase was on January 5th, when the residents of 07304, in Jersey City, New Jersey, raised their tips by fifteen per cent. But not every Zip Code participated in the tipping bonanza. Pity the delivery staff who got summoned to 07307, in Jersey City, on January 9th: the tips there were down by more than twenty-two per cent.

You'd have to be a real asshole (or receive the worst service imaginable) to give someone a disrespectful tip after they've braved the cold to bring you whatever. Some people will (because they're assholes), but it's good to know that others are willing to show their gratitude in the form of currency. 

Check out the New Yorker's interactive map which shows how tipping varied during the polar vortex.

[via The New Yorker]