Dark Souls II is fast approaching, and with every passing tidbit Namco-Bandai deigns worthy to feed its ravenous fans, it is devoured with gusto. So too is it with these new screens delivered, this time shedding a rare bit of light on some of the narrative aspects, or at least characters, you'll meet throughout your journey in the wretched lands of Drangleic. Not much is known about this band of undead smiths, cursed knights and mysterious wizened old women, but chances are they'll all have their own motives they will inevitably try to play off you in one way of another.

Perhaps more interesting are some of the environmental aspects you'll encounter, like, say, an iron gondola or the "Deep Pit," which one can only imagine is probably not a very pleasant place. (There's also apparently an area that looks like some kind of desert, bringing to question just how vast is the roughly twice as extensive map Souls II has knocking around.)

For a niche series that punishes impatience and otherwise requires a lot of patience to succeed, it's kind of amazing to see the amount of anticipation that's building for Dark Souls II's March release – not that the original isn't one of the best games of all time, but still.

Check the full complement of screens via the link below.

Via VG 24/7