We saw this one coming a mile away. Adult film company Naughty America has announced plans to provide 4K content, making it one of the first to intend to upgrade its shooting equipment for the purpose of producing ultra-high definition porn, according to the Wall Street Journal

It's a bold move, given the barriers preventing widespread, mainstream 4K adoption—price, massive file sizes, and a dearth of content, among others. Naughty America's CEO Andreas Hronopoulos acknowledges the plan's inherent riskiness, given that it requires an investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars that could drown the company if customers don't bite. 

Given his assessment of his audience's needs, “the closer we can come to making it feel like you’re there, the more successful we are," Hronopoulos said.

Naughty America will add a $10 surcharge to its regular $24.95 subscription fee for customers wanting access to 4K content.

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[via The Verge]