The sanctity of Marting Luther King, Jr. Day must be protected at all costs. However, someone throws Dr. King's likeness onto an image in a shameless attempt to promote their party. What goes on in the mind's of these folks? Do they not get how this ranges from mildly to incredibly disrespectful? Do they care?

Anyway, the owner of a Flint, Mich. space has shut one such party down after catching a glimpse of the flyer, which features a photoshopped image of Dr. King draped in a large chain and glorious, glorious ignorance. It doesn't help that the party, which was supposed to take place tomorrow, was dubbed the "Freedom 2 Twerk" party. Come on. 

According to The Smoking Gun, venue owner Vincent McEwen reached out to the promoter and put an end to the party. Let's just say they were disappointed:

The promoter, McEwen said, did not think there was anything wrong with using the late civil rights leader’s photo to publicize a twerking celebration.

If that's true, ignorance is bliss. The Flint Journal said that McEwen was so disgusted that he plans to host a free community celebration in Dr. King's honor on Jan. 19. "We're just trying to get awareness out, let kids know what MLK is about," he said. At least some good came of this.

[via The Smoking Gun and The Flint Journal]

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