"A lot of things seem petty now. Can't take things for granted," said Ferdinand Puentes of the plane crash he and nine others experienced off of Kalaupapa, Molokai, Hawaii in December. "You could have died. There's so much variations that could have happened for the worse."

Puentes recorded the crash and the escape of the quickly flooding plane on his GoPro camera. While in the waters, swimming in heavy steel-toed boots, work jeans, and a long sleeve shirt, Puentes managed to turn around and snap the selfie above of him in the waters with the plane in the background. The Coast Guard managed to reach him and the other surviving passengers (one person died) after an hour. "It just bit into me like am I dreaming," Puentes continued. 

He says he has a fear of flying after the ordeal, but has developed a friendship with the plane's pilot. which is slowly helping him cope.

"It hurts, but you have to heal my way of healing and move forward," he said.

[via KOHN]