In preparation for their panel at the Television Critics Association press tour, AMC has revealed their line-up for 2014, which includes the return dates for the long-awaited premieres of Mad Men and Better Call Saul. Don Draper and his peers at Sterling Cooper & Partners will begin part one of their swan song this spring, starting April 13. Breaking Bad's odious yet affable lawyer Saul Goodman's prequel/sequel/who-really-knows-yet Better Call Saul will impact sometime in November.

Meanwhile with Mad Men preparing to join Breaking Bad in the TV afterlife, AMC looks to the future of its programming with new dramas Turn and Halt and Catch Fire. The former is a Revolutionary War-era spy drama while the latter chronicles the early years of the 1980s computing boom“How can we replace Breaking Bad and Mad Men? We can’t, any more than CBS could replace All in the Family and MASH or HBO could replace The Sopranos,” AMC chief Charlie Collier said. Nevertheless, AMC is betting heavy on these two to further the network's brand. A trailer for Turn has just been released, does it look like it has potential to be the next great prestige drama?

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[via Variety]