On Friday, President Obama finally made moves in regards to the NSA scandal that shook up the White House when NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden leaked tons of secretive documents last year to the UK newspaper, The Guardian

The President announced that he was going to limit the power of the NSA during a 45-minute speech. One of the things he tried to relay to the public was a plan that included outsourcing the phone records the agency collects to a third party outside of the government. 

Jon Stewart had something to say about this plan and the President's drawn out speech (and because The Daily Show only runs Monday through Thursday, he couldn't do it on Friday):

 "Basically, the rule is 'We will totally follow the rules until such a time that we determine that we will no longer follow the rules. But don't worry about it: you won't hear about it — 'cause we're going to do it in secret.'"

[via The Verge]