Over the weekend, Connersville, Ind. Police Chief David Counceller accidentally shot himself—again. Amazingly, this is the second time he's done this in 15 years.

Counceller, 60, was at a gun store on Saturday when he shot himself in the leg at a gun store. Apparently, his 40-caliber Glock discharged when it got caught up in his sweatshirt. His injury wasn't serious and he was able to drive himself to the hospital, where hospital staff promptly laughed at him when he explained the nature of his injury.

Back in 1999, Counceller—then just a captain—shot himself in the hand while unloading his weapon. As he explained, he "didn't drop the barrel to see if there was [a bullet] in the chamber."

"I need to pay more attention," he told the Indianapolis Star about his most recent incident. "I know what the dangers are. It was pure carelessness on my part."

[via Gawker and the Indianapolis Star]