Far Cry is big business for Ubisoft, so it seems like a given that the recently announced Far Cry Classic, an HD remake of the original Far Cry, would be likely to hit US shores. Announced as part of a PAL-only Far Cry: The Wild Expedition collection for the PS3 and Xbox 360, Far Cry Classic is getting a stand-alone digital release on both UK PSN and XBLA. No word yet on whether or not this will come stateside, but c'mon, it's Far Cry – it seems very unlikely that Ubisoft would just omit what to many players would be a heretofore unseen experience from the North American marketplace.

At any rate, playing through the original Far Cry running on what's assumedly some modified version of the sumptuous Far Cry 3 engine would be pretty great, especially given that its existence has just appeared as if from nowhere. More as it develops.

Via Joystiq