A hacker group calling themselves DERP took responsibility for attacking Electronic Arts (EA) login servers which resulted in taking down EA gaming web portal Origin for several hours last night.

Gamers were prevented from playing EA games on various platforms including PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One as well as making purchases from the online retailer. However the outages also effected many other games including Battlefield 4, FIFA 14 and many more.

DERP also took responsibility earlier this week for another attack that seemed to be directed at a specific livestreamer - that included a bizzarre hostage hoax - but also had the effect of taking down multiple gaming portals such as Origin, League of Legends, Battle.net and others for a limited time.

EA's Origin portal was down for several hours but was restored early this morning. A distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS) is a way for hackers to use a network of compromised computers to attack a single network to cause a server overload and using up all the servers resources making it near impossible for the everyman to use those sites. Meaning a whole lot of gamers with no late night FIFA 14.

So why are hackers attacking multiplayer services at Electronic Arts? If it's to make gamers dislike EA then it seems the company is already quite good at doing that itself right now. Battlefield 4 has been in the midst of serious issues since its release but that's no reason to hack a site. Hey hackers! Can a guy just play some FIFA already?

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[Via Polygon]