Drakengard 3's improbable US release may still be at least a few months away, but that hasn't stopped director Yoko Taro from dreaming about the possibility of a next-gen sequel for PS4. For now that possibility most likely remains a distant dream, at least if Taro's recent tweet about it is to be believed.

"I hope to make the game for PS4 but I can't have enough money for development," the director said in response to a fan. So that means if you're interested in a Drakengard 4 on PS4 – a hard sell given both the series and Nier's niche appeal – you should probably vote with your dollar by picking up the game when it's released on PS3 sometime later this year, which might motivate Square to greenlight a next-gen sequel (and depending on 3's success, further motivate them to release it in the West).

No harm in dreaming, right?

Via Joystiq