In Los Angeles, you don't breathe the air, the air breathes you. Smog in Los Angeles is just a part of life. When it's really chilly out, you can pretend you live someplace quaint like, oh, San Francisco, and that it's only fog. During the summer the smog makes the sunsets look like nuclear fallout cotton candy and the whole thing is enchanting. But there is danger lurking in the ozone and the smog in Los Angeles just seems to get worse. A 2010 report says that Riverside-San Bernadino is the absolute smoggiest city in the United States. In other states, they have blizzard or hurricane warnings. In Los Angeles, there are "purple-alert days" which basically means: breathe the air and you become instant cancer. OK, that's extreme, but the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Riverside area had 85 smog days in the summer of 2011 alone, with seven of those being purple-alert. LOL. Breathing.