Goodbye rich people and one-percenters that get to live at the very expensive lap of luxury along the Malibu shores. The rising sea levels don't give a damn about the price of real estate, and by 2100, they'll totally submerge most Malibu beach homes. 2100 might seem a long time away, but in the grand scope of things, 86 years is nothing. 86 years ago, flappers were living it up, the stock market was about to crash, and Hollywood was about to become the biggest thing that ever rocked the world. Beyond technology, not much has changed in the grand scope of humanity, but 86 years from now, those Hollywood starlets will have to find another over-priced place to come home. Let's all do some long-term planning and try to predict the Malibu of the future before it becomes a perverse version of the lost city of Atlantis.