Part of the Midnight Ryderzzz or some sort of fixie nerd? You're safer popping wheelies in your backyard or investing in some heavy-duty safety gear because bike-riding in Los Angeles is for the both the daring and the dumb. But, so is walking in Los Angeles. Which is probably why, according to that Missing Persons song, nobody walks in L.A. While the national average for pedestrian fatalities from being hit by a car is about 11.4 percent, Los Angeles' total is triple that amount. Bicyclists are a little less screwed, but not by much.

The national average for bike riding fatalities is 1.7 percent, but the total in Los Angeles is double that. All that talk about "walking" and "biking" for green living is kind of a moot point when so many people are being plowed over by behemoth mounds of burning steel in the form of douchebags driving Range Rovers doing the "California roll" (just rolling lackadaisically through a stop sign) in a school zone. It sucks to say, but we are safer in our gas-guzzlers.