Michael Dell bought back Dell Computers last year (that's 2013 now, cough), and took the company private. That was his first hopeful step toward taking the company back to the status it had in the 90s. Now the next step is rebuilding the brand's image.

The company just released a new commercial called "Beginnings," which takes a look back, interestingly enough, at the places where other brands got their start. The ad shows us where brands like Overstock.com, Under Armour, Shutterfly, Skype, and Dropbox, were all brought into fruition, all leading up to the dorm room where Michael Dell founded his company in 1984. The commercial is nice, but it's pretty damn similar to the Cadillac commercial running now which looks back at the garages where big American companies were built:


BUT that is also similar to an old BMW commercial from 2011. 

If this trend continues, don't be surprised if we start seeing commercials about the beds where CEOs and founders were conceived. Yikes.

[via The Verge]