Colorado's 420 mile marker sign has been a popular target for thieves. So popular, in fact, that the Colorado Department of Transportation has decided finally decided to do something about it, changing it to read "419.99." 

The alteration was reportedly made in the past year, and how hilariously ironic is it that this was done around the same time marijuana was legalized for recreational purposes in the state?

According to 9News, images of the sign—which is located on Interstate 70—made their way around Twitter on Friday. The state transportation department is satisfied with their move, so far. 

"So this is our way to test it out. So far it's working," spokesperson Amy Ford explained. "It's a traffic safety thing. It's a helpful thing to have these signs on the road. But people kept ripping them off."

From a thief's perspective, it was kind of a collector's item and would've been even more coveted this year. However, the change might've made the 419.99 sign more of a commodity—now, it's like a special edition sign.

9News also mentioned that people enjoyed stealing the 69 mile marker sign, because people are ridiculously immature. 

[via 9News]