When Namco-Bandai held their closed Dark Souls II beta last October, one of the major shocks to the game – at least for those players that hadn't played Demon's Souls – was that every consecutive death when in invasion-escaping hollow form nicked a little off your workable HP. Demon's Souls had a similar idea, wherein your health was halved when undead, providing some (hard won) impetus to try to stay alive and in human form.

Now Dark Souls II is returning to this rule, in a sense, because the game still allows invasions from other players when hollow. Producer Takeshi Miyazoe doesn't feel bad about this, either.

"This is going to sound a little bit rude, but being invaded is part of the game,”  Miyazoe told Edge in a recent interview. “It’s like an enemy in the game that just happens to be controlled by another player. The Covenants system is a good way to be helped."

Dark Souls II also reportedly has some major changes in store for the covenant system, even apart from being able to invade hollow players' games. Depending on how you choose to play, you could be summoned into a group of allied players to help as a band of fighters for a PvE match, or act as a defensive bodyguard for a player, or join a group that polices the game's servers players that frequently invade others' games. There are even two covenants that allow players to fight among other members to see who will be crowned the victor.

In any case, the convenant system sounds like it's received quite an innovative overhaul even in addition to using dedicated servers, though the developers are keeping mum on the details. A whole lot of other Dark Souls II info can be found at the link below, so fans should definitely check it out.

Via Edge